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Scott Coker is talking in circles

Hereby nominated for the picture that goes next to “clueless” in the dictionary.

I consciously skip shit during lulls like this – in the two or three weeks that exists between major MMA cards, the Internet is filled with hypothetical discussions, pissing matches regarding ratings and promotions, injury rumors and retractions, and some impossibly stupid news from Strikeforce in a desperate ploy to remain (become?) relevant despite their cash cow’s loss in 69 seconds to Werdum last month.

Sometimes, however, things are just too stupid to ignore:

“What I do know is that Fabricio’s already beaten Fedor,” Coker said. “I think the negotiations will be very interesting. They’re always very interesting with M-1. … I think the Lost in Translation movie — that’s kind of what I feel with the negotiations or renegotiations at some point. There’s a cultural barrier and a language barrier, and then you put those two things together, I think some things become lost in translation.”

Yes, Scott – the issues between you and M-1 are merely related to misinterpretations. Not their love of money, nor desire to protect Fedor’s name value and avenge his loss – it’s all attributable to language issues! Phew – I thought M-1 was going to fuck you guys royally and refuse to co-promote fights that didn’t appeal to them, but now I have nothing to worry about. Thanks for addressing that, Scott – show those Russian bastards who’s boss and say “either fight for our belt or don’t fight in America at all.”

Oh wait, what?

“It doesn’t have to be Overeem,” said Coker this week. “It could be (Antonio) ‘Big Foot’ Silva or maybe (Sergei) Kharitonov.”…

Coker knocked rumors that a proposed Overeem-Emelianenko match served to lock the Russian into a “champion’s clause,” a component of standard contracts that makes it difficult for a fighter to exit a promotion once he wins a title.

“That’s not it at all,” said Coker. “Depending on if there’s any future fights, if he fights Overeem, it might not be a title fight. It doesn’t have to be (for the title). If Fedor is on his last fight with us, we wouldn’t make it a title fight with Alistair. But why shouldn’t that fight happen regardless?”

First of all, there is no “if” associated with the text I highlighted – Fedor is in fact on the final fight of his contract with Strikeforce, so his next fight (assuming it does not trigger the champion’s clause) would fulfill his obligations to the organization. Without that clause, Fedor is a free (well, as free as any one man can be with a promotion-sized barnacle latched to his side) agent. Coker, acknowledging this (while still playing dumb as to the actual length of the monumental contract he signed with Fedor), nonetheless pisses away any leverage he says by offering a fucking non-title match to Fedor, coming off of a loss, against Overeem.

At least he’s consistently a pussy, right? Later in Loretta Hunt’s piece:

When asked what might transpire if M-1 Global is adamant that their client only face Werdum next, Coker had a stern reply.

“I just don’t think they’ll have a choice,” he said.

????????? What fucking control do you have over them, Scott? You don’t have an exclusive contract to enforce, nor a champion’s clause. If M-1 doesn’t feel like co-promoting with you on American soil, they can easily find another stupid organization, that is also run in a criminally stupid fashion, overseas. What control do you have here? How are you not just praying that they agree to what you want? What possible recourse do you have if M-1 says “pick the opponent we want or do the card yourself?”