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Scott Coker says don’t believe the soundbytes

Scott Coker speaks out against all us gossipy MMA blogs for pushing the idea that Showtime is getting all up in Strikeforce’s business:

“Part of the frustration, you know, Josh, we’re talking about major mainstream you know media sites that you know they hear stories, they get a sound bite, and they run with it. You know they don’t call us to confirm whether it’s true or not. I mean they just run with it. As long as they get a bite from you know somebody then they’ll just run with it and so it’s you know it’s frustrating because you know if you’re you know BLOODYKNEES.COM or you know MYKNEESHURT.COM then I get it because it’s just fans or you know just people that are you know out there just trying to you know generate uh you know… generate not awareness just trying to generate gossip, right? And but if you’re a mainstream site, I mean I think you owe it to everybody to have a you know to do your due diligence and to find out what the real story is and if it’s not the real story it’s usually never like what you know they print on there but it’s still a little bit frustrating.”

And just for reference, here’s some of those anti-Showtime soundbytes again:

Strikeforce fighter Erin Toughill on refusing to fight Cris Cyborg:

For those who do NOT know, Showtime has the final say for Strikeforce, so they pulled me again for this April card in Nashville, TN. So I had done ANOTHER FIVE WEEK camp, and then I’m told (again) I might not be fighting. This was the THIRD time this happened with Strikeforce, and this is what prompted me to “pull out” completely from Strikeforce because I could not handle this anymore.

What people need to know, is Scott Coker does not make these decisions – it is SHOWTIME. So Showtime has basically pulled me from all these cards, yet people are wondering “WHY” I could not take it anymore? LOL

Strikeforce Fighter Babalu Sobral on why we hadn’t seen him for nearly a year:

“You should ask Showtime, you shouldn’t ask me. Yeah, that’s what happened, you know I mean I’m always ready to fight. I took some time off but I was ready since December. Especially because you do have a family to support and you need to work, you know, and unfortunately in this sport it’s just winners have the voice but sometimes when you are a loser you still have a family to support, especially me in my position…

Matt Hughes on Robbie Lawler not getting a new opponent for the Strikeforce Evolution card (but as a UFC buttboy, you can take these words with a giant grain of salt):

Last week I was in California with Robbie, Pena, and Foster, hoping they would find a replacement so Robbie could fight. It didn’t happen and I guess I’m just spoiled being with the UFC. From what I understand, Showtime really likes to stick their nose in Strikeforce’s business and because of that I don’t think that Strikeforce will be around for much longer; but enough with that.

And then there’s what Jordan Breen from Sherdog – not exactly the kind of guy to make things up – has been saying:

They [Showtime] decide who fights who, they decide who gets on television and who doesn’t. They’re in charge of these things at this point in time and Scott Coker and his boys, obviously still you know they aren’t powerless but they’re being taken for a ride by guys like Ken Hershman and those at Showtime who are making decisions and we can see they just aren’t people who know Mixed Martial Arts that well and certainly aren’t people who have a keen sense of what belongs on television, what it takes to develop prospects from the ground up in Mixed Martial Arts and get people interested and excited about a product on all levels the way UFC is able to do.

Richard Chou, I don’t even know what they let him do, but to call him Strikeforce’s matchmaker is absurd. I think maybe they let him like match up the undercards of Sho XC fights or something like that. The thought that Richard Chou, the thought that even like Coker or (Mike) Afromowitz and these guys have the ability to put together their own main cards with impunity is absurd. Ken Hershman micromanages this product to a point where Strikeforce gets irrevocably hurt and have been repeatedly.

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