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Scott Coker: “Lorenz, to me honestly, is probably the most dangerous striker in MMA right now”

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a successful fight promoter? Well, it’s kind of the same as being a successful politician. You have to be able to sell people completely outrageous bullshit. You have to be able to convince people that the bullshit spouting from your lips is sincere. And you have to be able to keep a straight face when spouting off said bullshit. It really is that simple.

As the head of Strikeforce for the past several years, Scott Coker knows a thing or two about selling bullshit. Speaking to MMAJunkie, Coker put his promoting/political skills on full display talking about why Lorenz Larkin was granted the next middleweight title shot:

“If you look at Lorenz Larkin’s record when he was fighting at 205, he had the one loss with ‘King Mo,’ who tested positive for that fight and it was ruled a no-contest, so he had an undefeated record.  And he had such an impressive performance with Robbie [Lawler].

But I feel really good about this fight because Lorenz, to me honestly, is probably the most dangerous striker in MMA right now. He reminds me of a K-1 fighter back in the day with just tremendous kicking ability, good movement, great boxing skills. The guy took it to Robbie pretty good, and that’s really what got him the shot with Luke. That’s how it turned out.”

Look, this is in no way intended to denigrate Lorenz Larkin. He is an excellent striker, and because of the severe lack of depth in Strikeforce, a single win in a new division over a guy who has dropped three of his last four does earn him a title shot. But saying he’s the most dangerous striker in MMA is beyond absurd. It’s downright silly. But that’s the point, really.

To sell someone a turd wrapped in bacon as a delicacy is a special skill possessed by only a select few, and that’s why those guys make the big bucks. When Strikeforce finally closes its doors, Scott Coker could have a bright future selling people the “American Dream.”