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Score a small one for Randy and HDNet

Randy Couture got bitchslapped bad last month when the courts found he was breaking the terms of his non-compete clause by fielding a team for the IFL. And while he’s still licking his wounds over that particular incident, things aren’t 100% bad for him in legal land. The case put forward by HDNet to determine when Randy can legally fight again has taken a step forward in HDNet’s favor, with a judge ruling that the case can proceed in Mark Cuban’s backyard of Texas rather than Zuffa’s hometown of Las Vegas.

What exactly does that mean? Eeeeh. On the surface it shouldn’t mean anything. After all, the law is the law no matter where it’s practiced, right? Of course, no matter how much we wish it was, this isn’t Fantasy Lollypop Candyland. And outside of that marvelous delicious place, shit like favoritism and bias often come into play.

Zuffa likes keeping shit in Vegas because they own half the people in power and there ain’t a judge on the strip that hasn’t shared a martini or two with the Fertitas. I’m sure the same is true for Cuban in Texas, although they probably get tickets to a shitty basketball game and a free giant foam hand instead.

  • Swedish guy says:

    I want one of them foam hands.

  • What’s it mean? Texas is notorious for interpretting the law like crap, and I’ve read some cases that involve cointract issues in which Texas seems to be a bad area of the U.S. to try these cases, but… we’ll see exactly what the case revolves around. In particular, I’m hoping the terms of the contract come into play and will clarify what the hell is going on.

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    I want to visit Fantasy Lollypop Candyland.

  • kentyman says:

    I want to see Techno Viking pose and point with one of them foam hands.

  • Captain says:

    As Leland said, Texas is notorious for interpreting contracts in the favor of their in state residents. That being said, Randy’s contract most likely has a provision saying that Nevada law would govern. So at this point you have a Texas court trying to interpret a contract governed by Nevada law. Even if the Texas court says Randy is free to fight, Zuffa could then file for an injunction in Nevada. Randy/Cuban would say we already decided this issue down in Texas. You can’t try it again. The Nevada court would say, hmm, contract governed by Nevada law, Texas court decision, let’s have a look at the facts and the Texas court decision and see if they interpreted our law properly.

  • Room for appeal. Nice. Looks like the Free Randy shirts will be good for a long long time 😀