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Schoolhouse Rock made this seem less bullshit

If you’ve been keeping up with the New York MMA legislation effort, you’ll know that we were one committee vote away from the senate floor and MMA’s arrival in the Empire state. Then politicians got politicking, things went crazy, and then it was senate summer vacation time! Yay! But when the senate reconvenes, we’ll still be in the same place, right? Wrong! Word is we’re going to have to start all over again:

Kim informed the attendees that the bill will have to go through its committee of origin again, as well as re-passing through the Codes Committee before it can get back to Ways and Means, and finally the general assembly.

Even with the added red tape, Kim was optimistic that the bill would not only get through the old committees, but that the process would go much faster this time around.

“I don’t think it will be a step backwards,” said Kim. “Those votes [that passed the bill last year] aren’t going anywhere.”

I don’t know what Kim’s definition of a step backwards is, but this certainly sounds like one. Two steps, really. As far as ‘those votes’ that aren’t going anywhere, I don’t think Bob Reilly has gone anywhere either.