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Scary thought: GSP training harder, still getting better

I know y’all think I’m on GSP’s nuts so I’m gonna start this post off with a diss: I have never seen a weaker chinstrap on a human being in my whole life. And I live in Quebec, land of terrible facial hair. There, now that I got that out of the way, OMG GSP is totally the best in the freaking world! And the reason? Because he travels all over the freaking world in order to get the best training from whoever can teach him new things:

UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre (Pictures) arrived in Brazil on Tuesday, but not for its beaches. The Quebec native has already begun training with a cast of Gracie Barra black belts in preparation for the upcoming bout with Jon Fitch (Pictures) at UFC 87 “Seek and Destroy” on Aug. 9 at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minn.

“I came to train and improve my Brazilian jiu-jitsu in Gracie Barra,” St. Pierre said. “The black belts have a unquestionable level (of skill) and I am looking to get a better game for my fight.”

St. Pierre isn’t limiting his training in Brazil to one style. He also boxed in Nobre Arte, rolled with Gracie Barra Combat Team members and had a wrestling clinic with Adrian Jaoude, the brother of Olympic wrestler and International Fight League veteran Antoine Jaoude (Pictures).

There’s a number of guys in the UFC right now who seem to have peaked as far as their abilities go. I often wonder what would happen if they decided to leave their comfy camps like GSP does to learn some new tricks from new people. Ya know … send Rich Franklin off to Thailand for some muay thai, Matt Hughes down to Brazil for some jiu jitsu, or Tito Ortiz anywhere other than Big Bear for some beginner/intermediate MMA classes. Maybe some karate? Machida seems to do aight with it, after all.

  • Sean Sherk to Hawaii?

  • Burtonchik says:


    yeah, tito could use any kind of training that’s not ‘gnp’ or CARDIO MACHINE!!!111!!!

    that’s awesome for GSP though…but does this mean the gracie feud is over??

  • Mike_N says:

    I don’t think that it was GSP vs. the Gracies as much as it was GSP vs. Serra and Renzo by proxy.

  • gsp improving, damn that is something

    tito some karate hahahaha!

  • el feo XIII says:

    GSP is a fookin gladiator, eh

  • godzillad says:

    Why would Hughes need to learn Jitz? It’s not like it’s his weakness or anything. Send him to Thailand with Rich Franklin.

  • Smitler says:

    Send Franklin and Hughes to have a chat with Richard Dawkins. Set some shit straight.

  • If this doesn’t get Fitch motivated then I don’t know what will!

    With every training camp, GSP has shown an ability to implent everything he learns, and now he’s basically calling him out… “I’m gonna beat this guy off my back?”

    Oh Hell No! Fitch-Bitch; come with the ground and pound and beat this dude up!

  • godzillad says:

    Fitch trains his MT in Thailand anyway, that’s why he couldn’t take the fight with Hughes at 79.

  • Grass Hoppa says:

    Statement of fact: GSP is the number one pound for pound fighter in the UFC. Simple as that.

  • asdfasd says:

    ^What about Anderson Silva? If they fight we’ll know who is no. 1. (BJ Penn too but he’s too small so has a disadvantage.)

  • kentyman says:

    “BJ Penn too but he’s too small so has a disadvantage.”

    I don’t think you’re quite grasping the idea of pound-for-pound…