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Scabs, rats, finks, and stoolies

While Mike Swick scabbed out on AKA faster than you can say “Scabby McScabberson”, it will be interesting to see what Josh Koscheck does. Dana White has been quite transparent in implying that those who ditch AKA and DeWayne Zinkin are perfectly welcome to re-apply for their jobs. Josh Koscheck still has his right now … so will he abandon his team to keep it?

As much of a dick as Koscheck seems sometimes, I doubt he’ll two-time his coach and agent. Here’s what he was saying about them a few months back:

“My manager, Bob Cook, I’m on the phone with him every day. When I’m in training camp I actually live with him. And I have Dwayne Zinkin, who is the president. When I’m in Fresno he’s almost like my father,” Koscheck told Five Ounces of Pain during an interview published on March 12 of this year.

“He’s a good guy. I’m at his house every night. My girlfriend and his girlfriend are sisters. So we have a very close relationship and Zinkin Entertainment is one of the best management companies out there.”

Anyone who sticks by AKA in this situation immediately earns my respect, but wouldn’t it be interesting if Koscheck took it one step further and made a statement of some sort during the UFC’s headlining fight in two weeks? That’d be up there with Braveheart screaming ‘FREEEEEEEDOOOOOOM!’ while getting drawn and quartered. Of course, Kos would probably end up suffering a similar fate as that salty Scotsman if he pulled anything. But for me, sitting here with nothing on the line, I think it’s a great idea.