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Sayonara, Tanigawa

The day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: the sketchbag jerkwads who ran K-1 into the ground have officially fallen on their swords. While I’m still not completely sold on the claim that the new K-1 owners are really new K-1 owners, it still made me smile to read the resignation letter of Sadaharu Tanigawa, who was responsible for the non-payment of over a dozen fighters. Via Sportsnavi, semi-unscrambled by Google Translate:

The apology acknowledged the unpaid fight money “financing goes gradually getting worse, I had ballooned rapidly unpaid” in a statement and, to the persons concerned “and I’m truly sorry.”

K-1 for the future is “K-1 Global Holdings” of Kenichi Fri Korean investors, in charge of Mr. Kazuyoshi Ishii, K-1 founder the world of professional tournament amateur division was recently announced Then things.

In addition, it will continue to deal with “K-1 Global Holdings, Inc.” for unpaid debt of FEG, to the players.  Tanigawa himself “I am in a position to produce the K-1 is no longer” and resigned from the K-1 event producer. “I think trying to pass the baton to the next generation.”

While leaving a lingering “in the K-1 has a fondness stronger than anyone, so I want to revive well, can cooperate is …… but I will” and declared a parting with.  However, that started to launch martial arts event new “and I think be able to give back even a little to some of the people who have the inconvenience guns, my future is going to create a content Martial Arts” New Akashi, but I think that even more expected “We are confident initiative has been completed already, to be clear, and this can be a revolutionary new world martial arts.

Will it be a revolutionary martial art where the fighters get paid, you weasel’s scrotum? You monkey’s anus? Will this revolution involve you dancing in an alleyway for 100 yen coins until you can afford to pay back all the money you owe, you offal drinker? くそったれ