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Sayonara, American Gladiators

CagePotato has just noticed that there’s now less spandex on TV than there was a few months ago: NBC has canned American Gladiators after two seasons. Here’s the report behind this colossal culture loss:

NBC’s “American Gladiators.” Gladiators ready? No, gladiators are not ready. This competition-series revival enjoyed terrific ratings for its initial run during the Hollywood writers strike early this year. A second season launched in May and suffered a sharp drop in viewers, with ratings fading throughout its summer run. Most consider reality shows cheap to produce, but this stunt-heavy arena competition is not. NBC has not mentioned “Gladiators” on the record, but it’s considered canceled.

So did this show die because the novelty wore off or because NBC buried it once it’s ‘real’ programming returned? Whatever the case, this is good news for all of us who were worried we were losing the bang-tastic Gina Carano to some seriously camp bullshit. Here’s just hoping she doesn’t think throwing grandmothers off the Tower qualifies her as a thespian on par with Randy Couture and Cung Le. Hollywood, keep yer stinking paws off our fighters! At least until we grind them up and spit them out all used up and husk-ish, okay?