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Say “privet” to your mother for me

Apparently no one is permitted to share a bus with Fedor and his trainers and personal Grigori Rasputin clone, but an elevator is a different matter.  Fabricio Werdum happened to be in the same elevator with the Stary Oskol Mafia at the “Fedor vs Silva” event last year, and decided to break the typical “I’m staring up at the numbers and not acknowledging you” silence by trying out a few Croatian/Russian phrases he picked up in Croatia.  But it turns out that telling a guy in front of his priest that you knew his mother in the biblical sense goes over about as well as Volkmann’s material.  Who knew?  Watch Fedor’s poker-face go from barely-perceptible smile to barely-perceptible frown.  Werdum should have ended with his Joker impression, that always kills.

  • iamphoenix says:

    was this before they fought?

  • kwagnuth says:

    Cro-Cop told him to say that.

    Actually Verdum looks like the kind of guy that just can’t help himself when it comes to saying something stupid. The look on his face at 1:11 says it all he’s like why do I always do this.