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Saturday’s K-1 is now free (like it should have been in the first place, dammit)

Video streaming by Ustream

K-1 made some waves when it was announced that they had signed a broadcast deal with Spike TV. But just like with Bellator, Spike can’t actually air any non-UFC combat sports until their deal with Zuffa ends in 2013. So until then, K-1 is being streamed on

You’d think that the goal with these streams would be to draw in new viewers and build up hype for K-1 upcoming arrival on North American television. Nope. The goal was to get 10 bucks out of you. That’s right … they wanted cash money for a stream headlined by Seth Petruzelli and Mighty Mo.

Maybe I’d be a bit less pissed about it if they had been more forthcoming about the charge – according to MMA forums across the internet, I wasn’t the only one who showed up on Saturday night to discover that shit wasn’t free. But hey, if they wanna trade lots of people watching the event for a few people paying 10 bucks, that’s their business decision. Their terrible, stupid business decision.

Slightly less stupid and terrible is their new decision to make the event free now. And by all accounts it wasn’t a bad show at all. Even with the lack of starpower there were a lot of good fights and 7 of 13 fights ended in finishes. So if you’re jonesing for some sweet fight action and wanna see what the new K-1 is all about, here you go.

The event lineup is after the jump.

K-1 U.S. Grand Prix 2012 Fight Card

Heavyweight Fights:
Xavier Vigney v. Seth Petruzelli
Rick Roufus v. Mighty Mo
Jack May v. Jarrell Miller
Randy Blake v. Dewey Cooper

MAX Fights:
Bryce Krause v. Justin Greskiewicz
Ben Yelle v. Joey Pagliuso
Michael Mananquil v. Scotty Leffler
Chaz Mulkey v. Kit Cope

Wentz Shuichi v. Romie Adanza
En Gang v. Travis Garlits
Lerdsila Chumpairtour v. Gabriel Varga
Markhaile Wedderburn v. Jeremiah Metcalf

Glen Spencer v. Mike Lemaire
Damien Earley v. Jermaine Soto
James Wilson v. Doug Sauer