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Saturday Night Fights in Calgary

As some of you may have heard, I’m in Calgary for a few weeks spending some quality time with my girlfriend, Carisa. We both met through our other website (the atheist one), so she had never really had a chance to witness the other half of my life; Mixed Martial Arts. With UFC 110 coinciding with my visit, I felt it would be a good opportunity to show her the beauty and (more specifically) the exciting brutality of my chosen sport.

I’ve never particularly liked watching events in bars, but considering I’m obviously too poor to afford buying a pay-per view, it’s normally the only other alternative when I’m not in the comfort of FL headquarters. Fortunately, a small promotion company called KO Boxing Promotions was holding a showing at the Silver Dollar Casino here in Calgary. My girlfriend, being both resourceful and clever, called them up and managed to get us a bunch of free tickets to go watch it at their venue.

It was all a little last minute, and although we put up a post on the site inviting Calgary fans to come join us, a number of local Jackals had already made concrete plans. I had even tried calling up Jason Day for an invite, but he too was busy. We ended up inviting a bunch of other people, though luckily one fan showed up with his friend to make me feel slightly less pathetic (thanks Harminder, if that’s how your name is spelled).

The venue itself was huge; one of the promoters, Shawn, told me that it could fit at least 1,000 people, if not more. Turns out the girlfriend had already gone there once to witness a Wierd Al Yankovick show before, and was scared shitless when she says just how old he’d gotten. It’s scary when people you love age, isn’t it?

The promotion was trying hard to get attention for itself, and although a small crowd did end up showing up, the place ended up looking pretty empty. The event was displayed on gigantic projectors; it was probably the first time I had seen it on such a huge screen, and every cut and bruise was instantly visible, much to the dismay of Carisa.

The event itself was a perfect introduction to MMA for a newbie; the Cro-Cop fight was brutal and one sided (hey, that shit happens, right), while the Sotiropoulos/Stevenson was a real display of grappling know-how (is everyone else on George’s nuts yet?). The Bisping/Silva fight was tense and close; up until the end it was impossible to predict who would win. Meanwhile, the Bader knockout of Jardine was just what the doctor ordered (maybe that’s my secret disdain for Keith talking). And finally, the Nogueira/Velasquez fight had a lot riding on it; my girlfriend was obviously cheering for me to lose, and was looking forward to spanking me hard. She was even going to set up her sex swing apparatus to do it. I was visibly nervous, but Cain channeled his brown power to save me from ultimate humiliation.

The KO Boxing promoters gave us more free VIP tickets for the next show in March with GSP, so any of you Calgarians interested in showing up should email us to get them right away. You get free nachos and chicken wings, not to mention free energy drinks. All in all, it’s pretty fucking sweet.