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Satoshi Ishii returns to Judo

(Ishii meeting his soon to be former Emperor)

If Satoshi Ishii is still going to end up the savior of Japanese MMA as originally hyped, then Japan will have to wait until after 2016 to be saved:

New Japanese reports this morning claim that he decided on Monday to enter into the upcoming 2011 USA Judo Senior National Championships event in Orlando on the 29th. His goal is to obtain American citizenship and make a run at the 2016 Rio Olympic games as a representative of the United States. Mr. Ishii has been living in Los Angeles since last July.

Ishii’s MMA career wasn’t really gaining much traction anyways. Between sub-par performances and his knack for pissing off his fellow countrymen, the only role he’ll have in the future may be as a pariah people from Japan can boo. Has a Japanese Olympian of this caliber ever defected to the US before? I bet the ultra-anal All Japan Judo Federation is flipping the fuck out.