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Sapp vs Lashley (for reals)

If I hadn’t read it on MMA Junkie I wouldn’t have believed it was true: Bobby Lashley and Bob Sapp will be fighting in some sort of twisted ‘Battle of the Bobs’ on June 27th. Who landed this retarded but at the same time intriguing fight? Strikeforce? Affliction? Nope. Just some random new startup company out of Mississippi.

Sapp always seems to show up when there’s a decent paycheck to be made, and it will be interesting to see if he shows up ready to fight or if he’s going to curl into the fetal position the first time he gets punched in the face. For Lashley this is a good name to help propel him to that ‘next level’ of MMA stardom.

But he better watch out … Bob Sapp has a habit of throwing monkey wrenches in plans. He’s pretty good at winning when he’s supposed to lose and nearly crippled Big Nog when they fought. So it should be fun to see what happens in this freakshow of a match.