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Sanctioning systems are stupid

(Wagnney Fabiano. Worth cocking everything up over?)

Normally when Dave Meltzer says something, I’m all like “Yeah, what Dave says!”. Even though he comes from the bizarro retardo world of pro wrestling, he’s paid his dues ten times over and is probably one of the most knowledgable people out there as far as what’s going on in the MMA. I still dunno if he’s good or bad for Yahoo! Sports, because while his stuff is typically wicked it makes Kevin Iole look even dumber by comparision. It’s like putting Britney Spears next to Whitney Houston in a singing competition. Although I would most definitely pay to see em in a crack smoke-off.

Anyways, this time I’m saying “No Dave, you is wrong!”, because the title of his newest post is “MMA needs a real sanctioning system”. What bugs me most is that Dave doesn’t even put any real thought into how the fuck a sanctioning system would ever work … he just points at the IFL’s Wagnney Fabiano and says “But I wanna see him fight the best!” So … what? Are we supposed to set up some kind of system where promoters are forced to pit their fighters against eachother for some reason?

Take a look at boxing and how well sanctioning systems have worked for them … it’s a complete clusterfuck. At least with MMA you have maybe two or three top tier leagues where nearly all the best fighters gravitate to. In that way the current system runs kind of like hockey does … you’ve got your different leagues but everyone knows that the NHL is the top destination. You don’t see anyone flipping out regarding the #1 team playing in the European Hockey League and demanding that team plays the Stanley cup champions to see who’s the best. The good players go to the top league, and then they duke it out.

People point to sanctioning bodies like they’re going to be some kind of magical bullet that will allow all the best fighters from different leagues to fight eachother. Truth of the matter is, it will just cause complete anarchy and fuck everything up.

  • GOD (which is synonymous with FightLinker) THANK YOU for saying that! Why are people so stupid about the UFC? oy! =\

  • I signed up for fightliner! says:

    Sounds like more belts for A. Silva to win.

  • Xavier says:

    Amen x 10,000

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    The UFC doesn’t have a monopoly on top-tier talent so no, not all of the good fighters go to the UFC. Fedor and Aleks hasn’t. Couture wants out. Barnett doesn’t want back in. Sylvia and Cro Cop left. Arlovski may leave. That’s six top 10 heavyweights not in the UFC and one possibly on the way out.

    Do we want me to start going down each weight class to prove a point? The top talent in MMA is a lot more dispersed than in say the NHL. It hasn’t reached the level of boxing but the talent pool is becoming more and more dispersed by the day like boxing. So many fighters these days are deciding to take the high way than doing it Dana’s way.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    I meant “a lot more dispersed than say in hockey”.

  • There’s a European Hockey League?

  • yeah some of those fuckers even try to claim they invented the sport.

  • Cam says:


    What’s the difference between the IBF/WBC/WBA/some other ABC council and UFC/EliteXC/Dream?

    There’s one clusterfuck over sanctioning bodies and there’s one clusterfuck over promotions. But they’re both clusterfucks.

  • I love Dave, he’s a invaluable fixture in the pro wrestling world. But I have to conquer that lately some of his MMA insights and views have been very off. Encyclopedic knowledge aside, I don’t think he has quite as good a grasp on the current MMA scene as he and others think he does.

    I never liked the idea of him writing on MMA for Yahoo, and stories like this are some of the reasons why.

  • DannyP72 says:

    The boxing model with only one recognized world champion is the ideal model to aim for. Boxing as a whole fucked it up by giving recognition to the alphabet belts ie. IBF, WBO and even the fucking clownshoe body that is the IBO is getting play as some legit world title.

    The MMA at the moment isn’t ideal (Dave is right) as the all the best fighters can’t fight each other. Every weight class has examples i.e. Fedor vs Randy , Silva vs Lindland, Shields vs everyone else. As the lower weight classes deepen in talent, there is gonna be people wanting the best best Japanese fights to fight the best American based fighters as well. At least the Japanese promoters are willing to co-promote and share fighters to make the big fights in some cases.

    Yeah so basically whats needed is a balance between boxing and mmas models where fighters aren’t tied into promotional leagues and can fight each other and there exists only one sanctioning body that recognizes champions. Because of money though, there will always be multiple champions.