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Sanchez vs. Guida to headline TUF9 on June 20th

There’s a reason that Joe Silva was awarded the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Best Booker of 2008 award: the guy puts together absolutely outstanding fights. The latest example is Diego Sanchez vs. Clay Guida in the main event at “The Ultimate Fighter” 9 finale in June.

These lightweights have two of the deepest gas tanks in the entire sport and either will be worthy of a title shot with a victory. Despite that, Kenny Florian is still waiting for B.J. to feel like fighting. Once B.J. comes out of hiding and defends the belt against KenFlo, the winner of the Sean Sherk/Frank Edgar fight will be looking for a crack at the belt, too.

Looks like there’s only one way to solve this little conundrum: unofficial four man tournament for the next title shot after Florian. Sherk/Edgar is in May, Guida/Sanchez is in June. I say the UFC makes that shit official. They just did it with the four way heavyweight title tourney and I would say this situation calls for doing it again. Plus, as simple minded sports fans, we love tournaments. The playoffs seen in every other major sport are essentially extended tournaments, and people go absolutely batshit over them. Picking a fighter (or team) early on in a tournament (or playoff) and watching them plow through the competition en route to a championship is a great feeling, as is rubbing it in the face of everyone you know who picked somebody else.

That reminds me: Grandpa, where the fuck is the $20 you owe me from the Super Bowl, you cheap old bastard? If you don’t pay up soon I might “forget” to refill your heart medication prescription. And no, you can’t pay me in nickels. Fucking guy thinks I’m a gumball machine or something.