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Same night, same area

Okay, at this point can we just admit that the Golden Boy / Affliction ‘partnership’ is about as dead as it can get without Golden Boy demanding Affliction removes it’s name from all the promo materials floating around? Because as it stands, that’s pretty much all there is left holding the two companies together.

First we were all laughing over Golden Boy holding a major boxing bout on the same night as Affliction’s second show. Now it gets ‘better’: that boxing show is going to be held literally across town from Affliction and the Honda Center … at the Staples Center.

When you boil it down, this whole competing partnership isn’t going to be what kills Affliction. But it’s a constant embarrassment considering the way Affliction came out acting like the team up was going to flip our fragile little MMA world on it’s head. In a way, this bullshit pretty much highlights Affliction’s problems in general: they make all these deals with companies and fighters but never seem to do anything amazing with them.