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While everyone down in the States enjoys their turkey, Canadians Sam Stout and John Makdessi continue to ladle up servings of animosity for each other. Stout started it by complaining about Makdessi’s effective countering constant running, and Makdessi retorted by accusing Sam’s friends at Tristar of spying on him. Now Sam responds to our confusingly sexy sister site

“They didn’t tell me anything (about Makdessi’s training),” said Stout. “I was studying tapes of his past fights, because that’s the most accurate way to prepare for somebody.”

What particularly bothers Stout about the spying allegations is that they add insult to injury after Makdessi’s victory.

“I think it’s a petty thing to say after you’ve already won,” said Stout. “I don’t think it’s very sportsmanlike to say something like that.”

Shortly after the fight, Stout remarked that he was disappointed by what he perceived as an overly cautious and evasive strategy employed by Makdessi. He says he wanted the fight to be more exciting and hard-hitting.

“He got the win,” said Stout. “I’ve watched it — he out-pointed me. But I would have respected him a lot more if he had gone out there and fought with me, as opposed to running and moving away and out-pointing me with jabs.”

I dunno if you’re allowed to pull the unsportsmanlike card after basically calling your opponent a pansy ass bike rider, but good for Stout clearing his teammates’ names. MMA camps get kinda tribal and accusations of spying or sharing trade secrets are the kind of thing that get you kicked the fuck out. Hell, Ceasar Gracie just severed all ties with one of his guys for daring to train Carlos Condit:

It turns out Carlos Condit had hired Team Cesar Gracie member Caio Terra to help hone his Jiu-Jitsu skills in preparation for Saturday’s title fight with Georges St-Pierre. Gracie’s sense of loyalty is such that he became incensed when somene from his team trains someone who fought someone from his team. Carlos Condit beat Cesar Gracie protege Nick Diaz at UFC 143 in February, and the two may fight again at some point.

“OK we all saw that someone from our team got a camera and a few bucks put in their face and decided to show his true colors and stab his team mates in the back, said Gracie via Facebook. “No worries, that person is gone for good and I can’t be happier. That person would also be wise not to show his sissy little face around here again.”

Seems reasonable, bro. It’s the Brazilian way: they’re all about loyalty, which is why they’ll totally betray you the second you do something they don’t like.