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Sam Stout gets FUCKED

Pay figures are out for UFC Fight Night:

Spencer Fisher- $26,000
Sam Stout – $6,000
Fisher defeated Stout via unanimous decision

Jon Fitch – $36,000
Roan Carneiro – $5000
Fitch defeated Carneiro via RNC in round two

Drew McFedries – $14,000
Jordan Radev – $5,000
McFedries defeated Radev via KO in round one

Thiago Tavares – $10,000
Jason Black – $6,000
Tavares defeated Black via TC in round two

Forrest Petz – $8,000
Luigi Fioravanti – $8,000
Petz defeated Fioravanti via unanimous decision

Tamdan McCrory – $8,000
Pete Spratt – $12,000
McCrory defeated Spratt via TC in round two

Gleison Tibau – $10,000
Jeff Cox – $3,500
Tibau defeated Cox via ATC choke in round one

Anthony Johnson – $6,000
Chad Reiner – $3,000
Johnson defeated Reiner via KO in round one

Nate Mohr – $6,000
Luke Caudillo – $3,000
Mohr defeated Caudillo via unanimous decision

With the money that Sam Stout made fighting for 15 minutes during the show, he wouldn’t be able to afford a 30 second advertisement during the commercials. This is a nice juxtaposition between how much the UFC is making off these shows and how little some guys are getting. There better be some sweet ass bonuses hidden behind these figures, because this kind of pay for the guy headlining a nationally broadcast sporting event makes me sick. I think pole vaulters and skeet shooters make more money.PS: Does anyone know for sure who won Fight of the Night, Sub of the Night, etc?