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Salaries still Suck, and I don’t care…

The payouts are out for Ultimate Fight Night, and normally, I would be breathing fire about how everyone is still getting paid shit. Of course, perhaps I’m still bitter over the fact that I didn’t get laid, but really, is there anyone else who wasn’t a bit disappointed? Maybe I’m fucking spoiled; I don’t know. I can’t remember the last time I dies of boredom watching a Fight Night. Fighters are usually so hungry for a shot at a real card, they normally stop caring about their own well being and fight like wild beasts.

I blame the main event, personally. I’ve never been impressed by Burkman, but Swick has always been a contender. Watching him struggle with a guy that normally gasses in the second round made me quickly lose hope of salvaging my night.

Diaz, Cote, and Pellegrina all came off looking pretty good in terms of salaries, and for what it’s worth, they definitely deserved it. I’m not on the Diaz bandwagon, but I can appreciate a good fucking triangle choke when I see one, and Pellegrino is going to need at least a few grand to stitch up that fucking nasty gash in his face. Still, I find it relatively too bad that McFedries only made out with 10 grand. I don’t even think that covers basic funeral costs. You would think that the UFC could hand that poor bastard a bone, but apparently, that’s not how they roll.

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    I slept through the second half of Tavares vs Michi…. that’s how boring it was.

  • Atom says:

    which is funny, because when i asked in the FL formus why a 4-5 (now 4-6) fighter was on the main card, the response i got was that he was such an exciting fighter.


  • dulljake says:

    exciting like a Uwe Boll film…

  • dignan says:

    I finally got to see UFN…and Diaz was pretty impressive considering the other fellow destroyed Gurgel(aka ratdog.)

    Burkman is nothing but a punk-ass pussy, and looks like he is only in there to survive and not win.

    After reading one of the posts from yesterday, I would like to see a Joe Lauzon vs. Diaz headline at UFN. Probably not something they want to do, but that would end any speculation on who deserves what.

    I am glad to see Diaz get paid decently, as one day I hope the pay structure will be more balanced when weight divisions are compared.

  • frickshun says:

    Regarding the new piercing on Batman’s face, doesn’t the UFC pay all medicals relating to the actual fight? I give him a ton of cred for looking at it on the big screen & smiling. I would have passed out.

  • dulljake says:

    last i heard from Starnes, that’s a big “no”. Of course, he’s a whiny bitch, so I don’t know…

  • Stellar53 says:

    It is funny how everyone expects all these fighters in the UFC to get exuberant amounts of money for each fight. This has been said over and over and over and over and over and over and over and…….

    The UFC has only been making money for a year and a half. Look at how many years it took boxers, NFL players, Baseball players etc. to get paid decent salaries…..a long time…

    Boxing, for example started in the 18th century, died and returned about 1867 when they added rules like round time limits etc. Then until the 20th century boxing was pretty much only in the US and England. Nobody was paid shit…are boxers making shitloads of money now…..yes, a couple are but the boxing undercard fighters pay is not much different than the UFC. Are the UFC’s top fighters making 30 – 100 million dollars a fight, no, but give the mma world time to build and in 10 – 20 years you may see it if it takes that long…

    All in all if you want to get paid you need to be consistent and bring something to the table that makes people want to watch you (See Tito, Chuck, Captain A, Diaz etc). Winning is the best way to do it. McFedries, sorry all that b.s. has gone down lately but you still need to win to make bank…..

  • goo says:

    Nate got paid alright there, I would’ve thought Swick would be earning more than him. Does that 30k include a sub of the night bonus or something?

  • Stellar53 says:

    P.S. Dana you still suck….

  • Steve4192 says:

    #6 – The UFC pays all medical costs incurred during a fight.

    If the Starnes comments you are referring to are the ones he made on Sherdog after the Belcher fight, you might want to re-read the thread. He made some comments about the UFC not paying for full medical between fights and the morons at Sherdog made the assumption that he was talking about post-fight medical expenses.

    Starnes later came back to the thread to clear things up and stated that the UFC does indeed pay for all post-fight medical care, but his clarification was mostly ignored by the Shertards.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    Basic funeral expenses, viewing, embalming (required for a viewing), dressing, makeup, cremation, etc., come in a little under $6,000. So before you idiots go out and get blitzed tonight, make sure your loved ones can afford to get rid of your alcoholic ass when you decide to head out onto the road.

  • MacDaddy says:

    I was pretty impressed with Diaz, especially after his last fight with Assuncao, which I think was the best MMA jiu jitsu match of last year. He looks like a cartoon character from Gorillaz too, and sounds like an urban hillbilly. I’m starting to like him, but I think Gamburyan will pop his head off like a bottle cap when they are inevitably rematched.

  • Lifer says:

    nick got paid more than swick because he won the ultimate fighter and as a result got a much better contract. if you were on TUF and didn’t win you got royally fucked by the UFC.

    case in point : keith jardine 7k to fight and 7k to beat chuck liddell.

  • dignan says:

    The biggest shertard in that posting was Starnes himself. Fuck that guy. When hasn’t he complained??? When he barely squeaked out the most boring decision win vs. Leben?

    There’s no way he can “clear up” being a fucking quitter and yelling at his own corner for calling him a pussy.

    “He said he can see my skull!!! WAAAH!”

  • cyphron says:

    LOL at all the people who still believe that Jardine agreed to fight Chuck for 7k + 7k and is now sitting quiet in the Caribbeans sipping his martini with only 14k and not pulling a Randy Couture.

    Other than the disclosed amount to the commissions, none of us know what fighters are actually paid. I’m sure Rich Franklin didn’t headline all those UFCs for only 32k a fight. The Fertittas are a bunch of mobsters and it’s well known that they pay performing fighters undisclosed money. So unless we know that’s all they are getting paid, we should all just STFU.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    [quote]The Fertittas are a bunch of mobsters and it’s well known that they pay performing fighters undisclosed money. So unless we know that’s all they are getting paid, we should all just STFU[/quote] They probably are mobsters. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Fertittas were in the mob or at least had ancestors in the mob and they’re living off the blood money. I read an article online that detailed mafia activity and connections within the Fertitta family (Frank Fertitta III’s grandfather and father included in that). Randy Couture has already said that he gets a “locker room bonus”. In order to cut back on taxes, the Fertittas might be paying some of these guys, like Keith Jardine (in his Chuck win), Rich Franklin, Matt Hughes, etc. “PRIDE-Style” (aka cash under the table in a hotel room). That would explain a lot about Zuffa’s shitty payscale. We already know that they sometimes throw fighters a bone with their discretionary bonuses on the side. That screams mafioso to me. Who else (besides the odd “Christmas bonus”) pays people like that? In the mob, sometimes you’ll get a nice “bonus” from the Boss of the crime family, sometimes you won’t.

    Though not every fighter gets a bonus like this. Only the ones on top (ie. Chuck, Randy, Franklin at the time, Hughes when he beat Royce) and those who put out a good performance (ie. Keith) get thrown a bone. If it was the case that the Fertittas were paying out to everyone PRIDE-style in cash in a hotel room, Kalib Starnes wouldn’t be complaining.