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Sakuraba’s mystery opponent is a rookie

Not in combat sports per se, but certainly in IQ wrestling:

The only thing more surprising than DREAM’s recent announcement that Kazushi Sakuraba will compete at Tuesday’s DREAM.11 event was today’s follow-up announcement: Sakuraba (24-12-1) will take on boxer and “The Contender 3” cast member Rubin Williams (0-0) at the event.

Williams, 33, makes his pro MMA debut after an eight-year boxing career that includes a 29-8-1 record (16 knockouts) and a 0-6 mark since early 2008.

That’s right – over the last twenty months, the guy they found to fight Saku lost six boxing bouts without a win or a draw. This card (airing at 7 AM EST tomorrow on HDNet) is such a weird combination of what used to Japanese MMA great and what currently makes it a joke: you’ve got the final two rounds of their featherweight tournament (awesome sick – war Warren), the semifinals of the Super Hulk tournament (goofy, but now sans Gegard it’s made up of fighters that aren’t exactly taking time out of their title runs, so it should be fun, war Hong Man) and, announced within about 60 hours of the fight itself, one of the true legends of MMA, the Gracie Hunter, against a slumping boxer that’s never been in an MMA fight before (Williams was also bounced out of the first round of The Contender 3). When Ray Mercer makes a more compelling opponent than the one you’ve concocted, you’ve fucked up. Bad.

Sigh. I guess I’ll feel better about this fight when I’m watching DREAM.12 and it’s in a fucking hexagon with five minute rounds. I might be up watching this thing tonight, depending on how bad I feel like fucking up my sleep cycle, so feel free to message me.