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Sakuraba doesn’t like tournaments

At first we thought it was a joke. Then we kinda went uuuuuh okay. Now for a third time (that we know of, I imagine Saku gets lots of coverage in Japan we don’t know about) Sakuraba is throwing doubt over his participation in the DREAM middleweight tournament:

– DREAM 2 is next week.
I haven’t decided if I fight in the GP or not yet. I have been telling that I won’t fight in the tournament for last several years.
– However, you fight in DREAM 2, right?
– Why do you have a negative attitude toward fighting in tournaments in general? I remember you had the same attitude for the PRIDE GP.
I don’t like it both mentally and physically. When I fight in a tournament, I think about my next fight and cannot focus on my current fight. I don’t like this feeling.
– You pay attention to your next fight and that works bad for your upcoming fight?
Yes. I think the fight itself will be boring because I protect myself not to get injured. When I was an amateur wrestler, I fought with thinking about my next match.
– Do you mean you save your energy for your next fight unconsciously?
I think so. I had many matches in one day when I was an amateur wrestler. I always tried to save my energy for my next fight. I didn’t feel satisfaction because I cannot do anything without being afraid of getting injured.
– Do you think DREAM shouldn’t have any tournament?
Yes. I told them so many times.

Goddamn, if he’s not going to fight in the tournament then I wish they would have just booked him up against some monstrous white dude, like the next gen Mark Kerr or something. If he subs out his karate goof opponent in 30 seconds and then refuses to continue in the tournament I think half of Japan is going to be banging their heads against whatever it is Japanese people bang their heads against. I’d say a wall but I hear their walls are made of paper or some shit.

  • godzillad says:

    Remember when the Simpsons went to Japan and Homer kept walking through walls?

  • kentyman says:

    Makes it a lot easier to change the wallpaper on a whim.

  • koolpaw says:

    but Saku never liked any tournaments since the first GP of 2000, yes that historical fight of 90 mins, he fought at that tournament just to beat Gracie, kinda long story between Gracies and Saku.

    So from the first, offering him to fight in tourament sounds ridiculous for me. “Saku doesnt like Tournament format for MMA” is well-known in Japan, He already made his own name , records and memories for MMA , Winning or lost, those are fu*king GREAT. He can chose opponent and the timing to fight. Forcing him to Fight in a tournament he donesnt want to is same with “lack of respect” for the great Sakuraba i think.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sakuraba WILL fight in the second round if he wins his fight, because undoubtedly he will be matched up against Kiyoshi Tamura, and that will be one of the best fights (rating/gate wise) that DREAM could possibly put on.

  • 63 says:

    lol about the walls.