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Sakuraba ain’t done yet

Looks like Sakuraba is planning his unfortunately inevitable return to the ring:

“The IQ Wrestler” told the site that there’s a strong chance he’ll be back in action on July 20th (the date for DREAM.10 at Saitama Super Arena), though his return may have to wait until September, when the as-yet-unannounced DREAM.11 is tentatively scheduled.

You may remember Sakuraba as the fighter who showed absolutely zero frickin’ heart on K-1’s New Years eve show, which was depressing for all sorts of reasons. On the plus side, it was kinda nice knowing that he didn’t end up getting wheeled directly from the ring to the hospital for once after a fight.

Let’s hope DREAM keeps this trend alive by chosing an appropriately non-menacing fight for Saku upon his return. Ya never really know with Japanese matchmaking. One event they’ll match him up against an equally aged Japanese pioneer, and the next it’s something pornographically violent like a fourth battle with Wanderlei Silva. Hey, Saku was doing pretty good that second time around until his collarbone got shattered, right?