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Sakara gets another chance at UFC80

Alessio Sakara’s last fight at 205 may also be his last fight in the UFC if he’s unable to beat UFC virgin James Lee at UFC80. While Lee has an impressive 12-2 record with 9 submission wins, most of these were against total scrubs. Also, Lee’s favorite finishing move happens to be the heel hook, which stopped working in the UFC around 2003.

I wouldn’t write Lee off completely though … his last win was against Travis Wiuff at Pride 33 so if Sakara gives him an opening, you know this boy can take it and win with it. Will Sakara’s special meat be up to the challenge??? Only time will tell!

  • hankd says:

    I’ve been waiting for Lee to re-surface…he flat dominated Travis at Pride 33…

  • Thomas says:

    Even if he loses Sakara will be back. He makes guys look good and he someone you can book for those European fight cards.

  • hbdale309 says:

    I read somewhere that win or lose, Sakara will be moving down to 185 after this fight. The UFC must’ve made a mistake and signed this guy to a long term deal b/c you would think they would have curbed him by now – maybe he comes cheap. They prolly signed him to a new 4 fight deal after he mercilessly beat the hell out of Victor Valimaki…. he looked great in that fight.

  • Or Victor looked terrible … Sakara beat him twice because of the retarded ref. But he did look like he had potential in that one

  • Michael says:

    What has happened to Rich “Drop Some Knowledge on You” Franklin. BY far the most intelligent, savy, and sophisticated fighter in the UFC. After only one minor set-back, Mr. Franklin is ready to take on the world in Pride and UFC. Pound for pound he builds the intelligence of our youth in the classroom while surving in the toughest sport to come along in decades.

    Rich is a model American!