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Saaaaaay Whaaaaat?

Sam Caplan’s my boy, but the dude says some strange things from time to time. This here is in regards to “How do you solve a problem like Mirko?” (that’s a Sound of Music reference for you hardcore motherfuckers)

Let him go to Japan, and let them put him against the kind of obvious tomato can that the UFC is so far above at this point. Let HERO’S foot most of the bill for Cro Cop’s fight, and in return, get them to loan Kid Yamamoto to Zuffa LLC and the WEC for one fight. With Yamamoto in tow, perhaps the WEC could hold their first-ever pay-per-view event built about a Yamamoto vs. Urijah Faber dream match.

Expecting the UFC to ‘loan’ crocop out in exchange for Kid Yamamoto is about the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard in the history of my existence. I’ve had acid trips that seemed more sensical, which is a tribute not to the weakness of the acid but the whackness of Sam’s proposition.

Okay, to be fair, Sam did follow up with ‘this idea is not very realistic’, but why even speculate on the unrealistic? Damn, Sam! The rest of the article was solid! But if you put a small piece of poo in my submarine sandwich, I’m not gonna say it was a good sandwich no matter how tasty the rest of the sub was! I just ate poo! You put poo in my sandwich! Who does that? Dear god, that’s gross! Poop! In my mouth!

  • The thought of eating poo crosses my mind.

    I’ll cut Sam a break since his stuff is pretty decent most of the time:)

  • garth says:

    sam does rule. plus, i can hold out the slim hope that he and dave atell will someday fight to the death to determine who the true highlander is. there can be only one!

  • intenso says:

    put CroCop in the cage against some can and let him kick his face off. problem solved.

  • Andrej says:

    Cro Crop is a joke at Heavyweight. But at Light Heavyweight ……………………………… maybe not?

  • johnny says:

    Ive read alot of Sam Caplan’s stuff and he is by far the biggest “Mark”/TUF noob EVA!!!!

    Don’t believe me? Check out what he wrote about Patrick Cote’s wind over Kendall Grove:
    “Kendall Grove vs. Patrick Cote – I was and still am in shock and am unable to comment further on Grove’s upset loss as a result.”

    Caplan’s writing reek of Noobiness like my fingers reek of Cocaine, Tanning Lotion and Victoria’s Secret Models

  • Thomas says:

    Wasen’t Eddie Sanchez an opponent thrown in to make Mirko look good. I don’t believe UFC is above setting up their marque fighters with guys they can rip open and wear their skins as a winter coat.
    eg. “lightweight champion” Roger Huerta

  • Sam’s a noob like i’m a millionaire. There’s a whole slew of guys out there who know lots and lots and lots more than I ever will about MMA. Sam is one of them. I respect him tons … but i’ll still rip on him from time to time. Luke too. Zach as well. And Jordan finally.

  • Okay so he made more than one mistake and thinks Grove has more skills than he’s proven. Going into the fight Cote and Grove matched up very well and it could go either way but Grove was indeed the favorite so an upset is the right term. Far from a shocking upset but an upset none the less.

  • johnny says:

    I just found it hard to believe that Kendall Grove beating one of the most underrated fighters around rendered Our Caplan semi speechless.

    I’m gonna leave it at that cuz I dont want to drag the issue out and “To Catch A Predator” is on MSNBC and it is the one with the red headed rabbi- I LOVE THAT EPISODE

  • johnny says:

    btw, Cro Cop would have a hard time making weight methinx

  • garth says:

    only response in re: grove v. cote: sam (and most people’s) bafflement was that cote is a striker…and that’s all. he was so summarily dismissed by lutter in the TUF finale that most wrote him off as a guy with no BJJ and no sub def. wether that’s fair or not, underestimating one fighter don’t make one a noob. dude’s been rolling for a while too, he has some practical experience to go with his journalistic endeavors.
    i’m not gonna drag it out either j, that’s all i’ve got to say on it. good on cote for pulling off the win tho. shows what a guy with heavy hands a little desperation can do.