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Ryan’s lame journal is UP!

I promised you guys a few days ago that Fightlinker Army members would get access to a new journal section of the site where I blather about my life, training, and whatever is on my mind at the moment. It took me a bit longer to sort out some of the kinks and the whole thing is still pretty ugly, but I finally managed to get it up.

Click here to access the journal

You have to be part of the Army and logged in to see the posts on the journal page. If you aren’t, the system just loads up details on how to join … otherwise known as “Throw us 20 bucks for a year’s worth of access”. The general idea is that I’ll be posting at least once a day on weekdays so there should be a helluva lot of extra boring blather about my extra boring life to keep you occupied. It’s not much, but it’s something I wanted to do anyways for myself and I thought it could be a nice way to say thanks to those who help support us.