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Russian Roulette

Aleks Emelianenko returns to action tonight – well actually RIGHT NOW – in Russia, facing off against Korean heavyweight Lee Sang Soo. Lee, who is a spectacular 1-0 in his MMA career, will have more to worry about than just losing the fight to Aleks:

It is the first time that Aleks has fought since being removed at the last minute from Affliction’s debut event in July. He was removed at the behest of the California State Athletic Commission, which did not explain why it had refused him a licence.

Rumours circulated that blood tests had found Hepatitis B but in an exclusive recent interview with Fighters Only, Aleks said there was no truth to the claim. “That is not true, these rumours about medical problems are not true,” he told us. “I was removed from the card because of problems with my paperwork.”

“My visa came late for the USA, I arrived two days late and it meant that I could not complete necessary paperwork on time.”

If you’re new around here and want a crash course in understanding why Armando Garcia being gone from the CSAC is good for the sport, it’s because of dubious situations like this. If any other commission had made the statements the CSAC made regarding Aleks, no one would believe Aleks for a second when he says he’s Hep C free. But since the CSAC has a history of being cocksuckers, he has enough wiggle room to keep fighting.

But BECAUSE the CSAC are cocksuckers, there IS the chance that Aleks is telling the truth and he DOESN’T have Hep. And if that’s the case, how fucked up is it that the CSAC didn’t come out and confirm Aleks’ story? One way or another, someone is being a real prick about this situation and right now some Korean heavyweight is about to get into the ring and face a guy who might be contagious.