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Run, Forrest, run

While Forrest Griffin’s weepy dash to the locker room on Saturday looked pretty similar to his weepy locker room dash after his KO loss to Keith Jardine, here’s the semi-official story:

The mystery of Forrest Griffin’s jog from the Octagon in Philadelphia immediately after being knocked out spectacularly by Anderson Silva at UFC 101 was clarified Sunday when the American’s camp revealed he had suffered a dislocated jaw after being struck by the supremely-gifted Brazilian.

Griffin was roundly criticised in the hours following the fight, and for failing to show at the post-event news conference, but Griffin had been taken to the hospital for checks, unable to hear in one ear, and in order to get his jaw checked.

Honestly, I don’t blame Forrest either way for taking off after the fight. On a psychological level, the appropriate response to that kind of shellacking is to curl up into a little ball and die on the spot. So just having the will to keep his shit together enough to escape the eyes of 17,000 people before really breaking down is impressive. And past that, any reporter that disses a fighter for not coming to the post event press conference after getting knocked out is a fucking douchebag.

*UPDATE* Griffin’s management company says Griffin is physically fine, emotionally not so much.