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Rumors of Affliction’s demise may have been greatly exaggerated

Here’s Tom Atencio on the subject of those pesky “Affliction is toast” rumors:

“With the whole onslaught of the Internet and everything else, rumors just fly,” he said. “I could make a rumor right now and say, ‘B.J. Penn got hurt, and he’s not fighting tomorrow, so go cancel your tickets.’ All of the sudden, everyone is going to start believing it. It’s not true. It’s that people get on the Internet and start making up lies, and people start to believe it. And without checking facts, there’s all these other Internet sites — these not so legitimate Internet sites — and they post it. People believe it. They read it and say, ‘It must be true.’ It’s not true. I’m here.”

“I’m not going under. It’s not going to happen.”

Unfortunately for Tom, there are the rumors coming from retard echo chambers like Sherdog, and then there are rumors coming from a whole bunch of bloggers with proper sources outside of internet forums. The buzz going on right now is that Affliction is back in talks with the UFC to figure out an amicable way to return to the octagon via sponsorships. Is that so hard to believe considering they did the same thing after they postponed Day of Reckoning last fall?

You’re not going to hear Tom Atencio admit that the company is toast because it destroys the imaginary leverage he needs to get deals done for his t-shirt company. It’s not like he’s been the best source for truthful info … he ranks somewhere between and Frank Trigg on the ‘Consistently Incorrect’ meter.

But here’s what we’ll do: we’ll believe Tom for now and move forward with the idea that maybe Affliction isn’t dead. I figure we owe him that much for the two entertaining MMA shows he’s given us. And if he wants to claim a third is coming up, I will be excited at that prospect. While we’re obviously going to be assholes while covering this news (it’s kinda our thing), I’m not about to dance on the grave of a promotion that dared to give us sweet MMA cards. I’ll just curse them for being so incompetant that they couldn’t even keep it up past 2 events (allegedly). Because fuck, ProElite survived four times as long and they were run by Morbidly Obese Boxing Dude and Down Syndrome Boy.