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Rumble’s movin’ on up… again

Anthony “Rumbley Tummy” Johnson is finally willing to admit the truth, you guys.  Or at least what us internet hacks have been joking about for years now, that maybe he should be fighting at light heavyweight.

You may recall that Rumble missed the mark by 6 or 7 lbs twice when he was at welterweight, and struggled mightily even when he did make it due to the obscene amount of weight he was cutting.  Letting himself get downright chubby between fights (see above) probably didn’t help matters any.  When he finally took pity on his kidneys and moved up to 185 lbs, he apparently thought he needed to bulk up for that, and ended up a hilarious 12 lbs too heavy for his fight with Vitor Belfort in January.  But unlike both he and us, The Baldfather didn’t think it was funny.  And just in case you thought getting fired might teach Rumble a lesson, he came in 10 lbs over for his first minor league fight with Titan FC last month.

Long story short, according to the Titan FC brass, Johnson has said “f*ck it” and will now aim for 205 lbs for his next fight in July.  You may begin your speculations on whether he’ll make it and how much weight he’ll have to cut now.

In related news, some witty fellow(s) have taken the liberty of updating Rumble’s Wikipedia page with more fat jokes than you can shake a Twinkie at.  Check it out fast before it gets fixed, or enjoy a screen-cap HERE.