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Rumble takes the easy way out!

Anybody else notice Hardy and Johnson had the same shaped head?

“I was kind of disappointed in myself because I like to finish fights and this was just one of those times I didn’t finish it,” said Johnson. “Deep down inside, like I said, I wanted to finish the fight, but I just needed to win. After being out for a year and some change, I just needed to get back in the grove of things and just get the win. I didn’t really need to go for the knockout or the submission. And I’m not really a submissions guy, but I tried some stuff.”

Lazy bum. So he basically took the typical wrestler way out:

“I knew I could bang with him,” Johnson said at Saturday night’s post-fight press conference. “That was no problem. I knew I could do that, but I knew his weakness was his wrestling, and I know that’s one of my strengths. I just took it to my advantage and used it.”

I bet he didn’t get one of those sweet Uncle Dana backroom hand jobs bonuses. I can to an extend understand why he took the easy way out since he hasn’t been in the cage for a while. But this is also why Fitch gets no love… he is no fun to watch unless you enjoy gay sex. Hopefully this won’t be a trend for Rumble or he is going to be the Black Fitch or Bitch.

Meanwhile Dan Hardy isn’t kicked out of the UFC because he actually tries to win. Dana “fucking loves that kid.” The dude is like the #1 or #2 brit in the UFC, after Michael Bisping, and probably more marketable to the rest of the world than that cock smoker.

  • Jim Harbaugh Scramble says:

    1. Fuck Hardy
    2. Rumble at least tried to finish the fight, unlike Fitch.

  • scissors61 says:

    i’m sympathetic to rumble’s explanation about wanting to shake off the ring rust and get a win, but my sympathy is lessened because of comments like this:

    “Hell nah. This fight ain’t going to the ground. Man, you’re talking to two guys that love to bang, plain and simple. We don’t like that lovey-dovey stuff. We want to keep it on the feet, give everybody what they want and what they paid their money for.”

    by all means, get your money and get your win, but don’t act surprised that people get upset with you doing that “lovey-dovey” ground stuff when you hype the fight as a brawl, you silly jackass.  

  • Jim Harbaugh Scramble says:


    Yeah but everyone even Fitch and Rashad hype a fight like that. Granted, we all expected Rumble to actually stand and bang, but what he did was nothing new.

  • Nachtfalter says:

    Right, shame on Johnson for using his opponent’s most glaring weakness. How dare he fight smart and not get his brain mashed in for our amusement. After all, this isn’t a sport or anything… We want morons to BAAAAANG!


    Everyone who complains about Johnson being a Mixed Martial Artist instead of a braindead, gunslinging idiot, please do me a favour? Fuck off! And another thing: Make sure you’re using condoms so you stupid motherfuckers don’t procreate!

  • scissors61 says:

    what rumble needs to do is take a page out of gsp’s book and use the time-honored tactic of saying “i don’t know how the fight’s going to go.” or the good old saw, “if it goes to the ground i’ll submit him, if it stays up i’ll knock him out.” bottom line is the more ambiguous you are in your assessment of a fight before it happens, the less likely you are to suffer backlash like this. 

  • Symbul says:

    Johnson fought smart. Nothing else to it.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    ^this… by this i mean what scissors said

    I know when i see Anthony Johnson and Dan Hardy are fighting its gonna be fun and exciting, when i see fitch, gsp or gay manhard is fighting its 50/50 chance i might fall asleep

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    My only problem was the low number of finishing attempts by Rumblebutt given his constantly advantageous position – waste of wrestling. Boring fight that was clearly not going anywhere by the end of the first. But Hardy sucks too so they both lost in my eyes.

  • iamphoenix says:

    why the picture of a blackened fat raisin for the posts pic?

  • Reverend Clint says:

    i have respect for wrestling when it actually sets something up… same with striking or BJJ. if a fighter just circles the cage thats no different to me than a fighter continually just taking a guy down and not working for a sub or position to GnP. I might now like matt hughes but he actually used his wrestling to effect, sure sometimes it was boring to watch but he usually finished he shit. People rag on Machida for being elusive but a wrestler who moves around a little get a free pass because im a TUF noob and dont get the beauty grappling. No i do get it but not all art is beautiful to everyone.

  • CAP says:

    What a let down that fight was.