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Rumble down under

We’re always interested in a bit of MMA rioting, but this really takes it to the next level. Back in 2006, a gang war erupted in the middle of an MMA / kickboxing event in Queensland, Australia. The whole thing, which involved three guys getting shot and two others stabbed, had very little to do with the MMA event itself other than the fact that the show had the misfortune of being where the ‘bikies’ decided to rumble. Here’s an article from the incident:

Police and bikie sources said the brawl was sparked by a long-running feud over the defection of a senior Finks member to the Hell’s Angels and incidents including a recent drive-by shooting on the Gold Coast.

“They hate each other’s guts and this was a square-up,” one senior police officer said.

The leader of the Hell’s Angels Sydney chapter was shot twice in Saturday night’s fracas and police are hunting the Finks gang leader allegedly responsible.

Witnesses said “all hell broke loose” after 20 to 30 bikies entered the Royal Pines ballroom minutes before the main bout of the VAS Xplosion kickboxing tournament about 10.30pm (AEST) on Saturday.

Tournament referee Cameron Quinn said what started as an isolated fight in the 1600-strong crowd “exploded into a flash of human violence”.

“They were on a mission. It looked like two rival gangs had decided that tonight was going to be the night,” said Mr Quinn, who took refuge under the fight ring as bullets flew.

“Chairs and glasses were flying – then the shots rang out and people started diving for cover. It was very violent and very explosive.”

The video shows the rioting going on hardcore for over three minutes, and yes the pop pop noises you hear really is gunfire. Pretty insane huh?

(Thanks to jackal 139 for the find. That shit is just fucked up.)