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Ruediger dropped from the UFC, clear for K1

Yesterday I was calling K1 a bunch of retards for trying to sign Ruediger onto their Dynamite show. Why anyone would want to board the Titantic after seeing the incoming iceberg, I don’t know. But common sense said that Ruediger would be stuck in his existing UFC contract or at least a no compete clause from the Ultimate Fighter contract. However, it looks like I am the retarded one. Hot fox Loretta Hunt has the following on the topic:

“The Ultimate Fighter 5” contestant Gabe Ruediger has been released from his contract with Zuffa LLC. and has had his “administrative suspension” lifted, says Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer, thus clearing the way for Ruediger to compete on June 2’s K-1 “Dynamite” card.

I have to admit that I’m pretty surprised. I had assumed Dana White was secretly happy with Gabe and all the drama he created for the show. There’s no doubt that Ruediger is the best known character on the show. While he did come across as a pussy, he was saved from being Pussy of the Season by Andy Wang, who continues to astound us all with his idiocy. Letting Gabe out of his contract is against the standard ‘Evil Corporation Manual’ the UFC follows, which states “Fighters who annoy or embarass the company should be locked in a dark basement for the rest of their contract, never to be heard from again.”