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Fightlinker RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are fucking awesome. They’ve literally changed the way I surf the internet, and I heartily recommend you try them out. If you want a simple explanation of what they are and how to use them (and really, it’s very easy and will enrich your surfing experience), watch this three minute video that breaks down how they work. Now here’s the Fightlinker feeds:

The Blog Feed
Add this if you want all the posts on Fightlinker.

The Low Blow Podcast feed
If you just want the radio shows, add this one. If you wanna add this feed to your iTunes with one click (okay, maybe two), this is where you’d make that click.

Subscribe to our News feed
Wanna know how I’m so damned smurt when it comes to dudes beating eachother up? I read over 1000 articles a day across 150 MMA sites in Google Reader. It allows me to ‘star’ all the important news stories and noteworthy items so I can track them better and blog about them later. You might have noticed a widget version of my starred items in the sidebar of the site or on the News Feed page. This here is an RSS feed of all those starred items – it’s basically all the news you need to know about, updated two or three times a day.