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Royce Gracie wants GSP

Royce Gracie was on the Bubba the Love Sponge show yesterday and when asked about his plans to fight again, he said he wanted back into the UFC and was interested in a fight with Georges St Pierre. He even went so far as to tell Bubba to bring it up with Dana when he’s on next week.

Now as much as I’d enjoy seeing Royce fight again (what can I say, he’s a true legend of the sport), the last thing I’d want to see is him getting his ass kicked by Georges St Pierre. Can we PLEASE stop using the pioneers of yesterday as stepping stones for the next generation? I know it’s the pioneers calling for these things, but I think their brains are a little fried from too much awesome in the 90’s.

This is where we need to start looking into legitimate ways to transition our aging superstars into different professions so they don’t end up like Ken Shamrock. If Dana is interested in bringing Gracie back, let it be against another aging legend. If it ain’t gonna be that way, then how about putting him on Portuguese commenting duties?

Unfortunately, Dana only looks out for the fighters who remain loyal to him, regardless of how big a part they had in shaping the sport. Royce doesn’t fit that mold … in fact, didn’t he recently imply that the UFC framed him for using steroids?