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Royce Gracie lives in the past

Bodog has an ‘exclusive’ interview with Royce Gracie, who is supposed to be fighting on the K1 Dynamite card (who knows what’s up with that though). The interview completely focuses on Royce’s past history, which is pretty much standard for all his interviews. Royce loves to talk about the past. Royce loves to talk about the Gracie legacy. It’s understandable but when you’re fighting in a week, why not discuss the upcoming fight? Why not talk about the new techniques and skills, the new people you’re working with? This just never seems to happen … for all the waxing and waning philosophical about the past, Royce Gracie just doesn’t seem to live in the now. And that, my young jedi, is why he will lose.

  • Rollo the Cat says:

    “And that, my young jedi, is why he will lose.”

    I am hoping for worse than that. I want a full face smashing. As much as you hate Faber, I hate the Gracies more.

  • Hmmm … have you ever seen “Strangers on a Train”?