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Royce Gracie gets on the high horse of hypocrisy and rides into the sunset

Shane Carwin has been the subject of speculation regarding steroids since 2010 when his name popped up on a list from a pharma company that got nailed in a steroid probe. And even before that from those who abide by the BJ Penn “just look at him” school of thought. And as seemingly incriminating as being on that list may be, the guy has never failed a drug test. In fact, he, along with Roy Nelson, just recently passed a random drug test administered by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Free and clear, right? Hells nah, not according to MMA grandpappy Royce Gracie who took to Twitter to air his grievances with Carwin’s knee injury and subsequent removal from The Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale:

“So much for the claims (Nelson) was trying to get out of the fight with (Carwin) guess that random test fucked up the cycle and ‘blew out the knee.’”

Has enough time passed where Royce is no longer shielded by “legend” status, or the whole “I built the UFC” thing? Oh who gives a fuck. I’m calling BULLSHIT.

Carwin may very well be popping roids like Nelson pops Baconators, but that mud is only to be slung by those who haven’t failed past drug tests, e.g. not Royce Gracie – who popped hot for nandrolone in 2007 after beating Kazushi Sakaraba. Not only did he pop hot, but he had 25 times the amount considered normal for an adult male, and appeared fairly muscular for the first time in his career. See, the “just look at him” defense can work when backed up by something other than conjecture.

When a Twitter follower pointed out this well known fact, Royce took the road of the eternally oppressed:

“I never used anything. I was accused by a corrupt head of the state commission and after I told them to go f themselves what they do? Nothing never fined or suspended they know what they were doing”

Look, I aint dumping on Royce here. I love the guy. But it all comes down to credibility. When you fail a drug test, you simply lack the authority to hurl accusations at others. Playing the victim serves no favorable end. You know who gets forgiveness? The guys who own up to it. But when you think your shit don’t stink you got a major problem. Shit is supposed to stink.

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