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Royce ducks Ken

After watching Royce Gracie get pummeled by Matt Hughes and Ken Shamrock get pummeled by … everyone, I figured it was time for guys like this to stop fighting young bucks and start taking on eachother. Maybe set up a ‘Masters’ category like YAMMA, but not shitty?

One fight that I’d be interested in seeing would be Ken vs Royce 3. Call me crazy, but I spent the better part of my youth thinking both guys were the shit and just can’t flip those feelings off. No matter how many times they embarrass themselves. But while Ken might be pushing for the fight, Royce certainly isn’t: Are you planning on fighting again? If so, will you be signing with

Royce Gracie: I am not retired yet. As for where, I am not sure. K-1/FEG will let me know when the time is right. Most likely will be next year. Ken Shamrock has expressed that he would like to fight you for a third
time. Would you fight Ken Again?

Royce Gracie: I have no interest in fighting him. I have nothing to settle with him. I beat him in less then a min the first time and the second time he held me down for 30 min, and still I was the one attempting submissions, and then he landed one punch, which did not KO me, and then held again for 5 min. Then declared himself a winner because he did not loose. To me when a guy is 50 lbs heavier then me and he holds me down, that is not a winner. So I have nothing to prove by fighting him again. And I don’t need the money that bad. Maybe he does.

Translation: I’m afraid he’d hold me down for a decision win. I kinda feel bad for Royce. It must suck a bit to have the sport pass you by and have the rules change to your detriment. Then I remember he used those rules to steal a win away from Sakuraba at Dynamite USA and my heart hardens. Stop complaining or stop fighting, man.