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Roy Nelson’s belly betrays him

What was expected to be a pretty close fight that Roy Nelson had a good chance of winning turned out to be a one sided ass whupping delivered by Frank Mir. It wasn’t on the level of the Junior Dos Santos ass whupping, but it was pretty dominating and I don’t think Roy Nelson won a single minute of a single round during that fight. Unless you count the minutes he pressed against Mir on the cage gasping for air, which I don’t.

The first round was a big dumb slobberknocker with Nelson trying to land that magic one punch knockout while Mir had a lot of success kneeing Roy in the face over and over and over and over. Things slowed down in the second and went practically to a crawl in the third but always Frank Mir was pushing forward, working Nelson over, taking him down, and beating him up.

In the third Nelson had nothing left and was basically a grappling dummy that Frank Mir dropped elbows on for the duration of the round. It was so bad that one of the judges scored a round 10-8. No word on which round, but I’m thinking it was the one where Roy was barely capable of getting back to his feet. He may have some serious heart and a serious chin, but that won’t get you as far as a serious gas tank…