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Roy Nelson will fight Daniel Cormier … for a shot at Jon Jones


Dana White has opined that ‘You can’t fix stupid’, and perhaps he’s right in the case of Roy Nelson. After declaring he was perfectly happy to fight Daniel Cormier ‘to get my belt’, Nelson now says he’d be happy if it was the light heavyweight belt:

As far Daniel (Cormier), I think the reason Mike, my manger, said anything about Daniel, is because he’s supposed be getting an immediate title shot at 205. If he’s going down to 205, it doesn’t really make any sense to fight him, unless we’re going to fight for a 205 contendership. Then hey, we can do that, too.

I’m comfortable at heavyweight, for sure. In trying to get down to 205, I was very serious when I made that Facebook bet. I ended up winning the bet, so I didn’t have to drop down to 205. I just try to go out and put on a show for the fans, regardless of what weight I’m at.

Perhaps Nelson is just trying to justify his agent’s recent dick tuck and following it up with some strange nonsensical hype talk. Kinda like Tito Ortiz saying he wants to fight Jon Jones for breaking his consecutive title defense record. No, that is never going to happen. No, it doesn’t really fire anyone up either because it is so ridiculous on its face. But it’s probably the kind of thing that sounded cool in Tito’s big head, so he said it. I’m sure a lot of things sound cool in Roy Nelson’s head too.

(pic by Joe Camporeale for USA TODAY)