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Roy Jones Jr preps his MMA / boxing event

Does anyone else find it highly coincidental that Roy Jones Jr, the boxer Anderson Silva was calling out back in 2008, is now planning a boxing / MMA hybrid event for March 21st? Yeah, it’s probably a bit tinfoil hat to imagine Jones Jr and Anderson Silva plotting all this as a lead-up to an eventual fight. But it’s still funny to think that out of all the high profile organizations talking about doing an MMA / boxing hybrid event, it’s Roy Jones Jr who gets it done first.

Roy has an interesting outlook on why the two sports fit together:

Jones said he believes the audience is there for a promotion combining boxing matches with MMA bouts.

“I know there is because a lot of times, the only time people get disappointed in MMA cards is when they don’t give them enough rounds,” he said. “In boxing, you always get enough rounds or a little more than you really want. So how about mixing the two and make it good for everybody? You get enough rounds, plus you get enough action too.”

“Even a little more than you really want” is a nice way of saying “Every boxing fight goes to decision, which is booooooring!”

While I couldn’t tell you how good or bad the boxing segment of the card is, there’s a few interesting fights on the MMA side: Seth Petruzelli vs Doug ‘Rhino’ Marshall, and Jeff Monson vs Roy Nelson. Sure, those fights are nowhere near good enough for me to shell out any coin for this PPV event, but it’s always kinda interesting watching dudes who are on the edge of irrelevancy fighting. There’s a certain desperation in those matches, like the guys know they’re gonna be back to fighting on cheap reservation shows if they lose.