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Roxy’s fight in pictures

Come with us on a pictorial journey through Roxy’s fight against Marloes Coenen, from the locker room to the post fight announcements. Images from Esther’s official Strikeforce pics and Tracy Lee’s Combat Lifestyle gallery.

Roxy had asked if we wanted our logo on her shirt or shorts but we said nix it if she had paying sponsors. The jackal was on her banner though!

If Roxy had nerves about stepping in on 9 days notice against a woman 25 pounds heavier than her, she didn’t show them once leading up to the fight. My brother and I spent some time with her a few hours before the fight and you’d never know she was about to step into the cage.

The worst part about getting caught in the armbar so early in the fight was that Roxy didn’t even get to show a lot of the stuff she’d improved on over the past year, namely her striking. But we got about 30 seconds worth of slugging, with kicks exchanged and Roxy landing two or three good shots right to Marloes’ kisser.

Marloes got in her own shots too, including a big knee that Roxy barely blinked over and then a shot to the jaw that did stagger her. From there Roxy took Coenen down – afterward she mentioned that she was ready to drop some elbows but unfortunately there’s no elbows on the ground in Strikeforce.

Here’s where shit went wrong. Marloes threw her legs up and grabbed an arm – as Joe Rogan often says, ya gotta watch out early in a fight because you’re still too dry to slip out of a lot of stuff. At first it looked like Coenen was trying to power Roxy backwards and then she pulled her forward onto her belly and forced her to tap. You can see in the pictures the hyper-extension of the elbow. Roxy was icing it after the fight and told me what the post-fight doctor had said but for the life of me I can’t remember the prognosis. Go me, awesome MMA reporter extraordinaire.

Roxy feeling disappointed to say the least.

…but she’ll be back. And hey, just a reminder of how the last fight against Coenen finished:

I’d say watch out for a rubber match but I think Roxy has done her fair share of fighting above her weight class. Bring on Kaufman, Tate, and Baszler at 135!