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Last night wasn’t last night in Japan, it was today. And today last night was Cage Force’s first female show, Valkyrie. And of course Roxy was fighting at it and of course she won! Unanimous decision, but kinda hard to get much else when the fights are two three minute rounds. Here’s a translated play by play of the fight from GBR:

Round 1: Roxy lands a nice hard punch to the face and follows it up with a clinch as Yonezawa attempts a lunge kick. Roxy pushes her into the side of the cage and unloads with strikes until Yonezawa breaks free. They clinch again and Roxy lands more strikes before taking Yonezawa to the ground. Yonezawa tries to defend the guard pass but Roxy is too good and slips past getting into mount. Yonezawa bridges and reverses but Roxy slips right into a triangle from the bottom as the round ends.

Round 2: Yonezawa comes out with a flying kick but Roxy returns with a righ hook. They wrestle into the side of the cage and Roxy lets go with knees and then trips Yonezawa to the ground, landing in half guard. Roxy goes for an armlock but Yonezawa holds on to survive to the bell.

Congrats Roxy! More info on the fight … pics and (one can dream) videos coming soon!

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You can check out the rest of the results from the Valkyrie event at Japan MMA!