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Roxy update

The mainstream media is doing a pretty piss poor job of keeping everyone updated on what the hell is going on with the nuclear reactors in Japan and how worried we should be. The general vibe is ‘Be concerned, but don’t panic. Shit is getting pretty hairy though.’ It’s bad enough sitting over here in Canada … I can’t imagine what it’s like in Japan where our girl Roxanne Modafferi still is. Here’s her latest blog post:

We’re hearing stuff about the fire at reactor 4 in Daiichi plant, and then it got put out, and then the government admitted to their being traces of radiation in Tokyo. I saw Kyodo news that said they found some in Kanagawa?? That’s where I live/lived. THen about how people within a 20 km radius had to evacuate and an extra 10 had to stay indoors. I talked to my parents. My Uncle keeps sending me emails telling me to get out. My boss told me to calm down. My company is open for business!

After calling my office, I managed to get approved time off from management! 😀 😀 😀 So I officially have to go back to work on Tuesday next week. That means when I don’t go back to Tokyo today, I’m not going to get fired. I’m using paid vacation… I feel really bad for any of my co-workers who haven’t managed to do this. :-/

Two guys I was staying with have quit their jobs in Tokyo and are in Korea, one fellow went to Hong Kong, one guy is here for now but planning on going to the US, and Dan is going to Korea. It’s been said that radiation levels are raising in Tokyo. I’m praying that the situation gets under control, because I’m not going back like this…and my loved ones are there! ;_; I think Kunioku is irritated with me because I keep emailing him about it….I want him to go to Osaka, but he’s like “There’s not enough firm information.”

It’s a really tough situation…the country can’t just lay down and cease functioning, especially Tokyo! It’s huge! On the other hand, if people have to evacuate to save their lives, it can’t be helped! The issue is, is this radiation something to be worried about. You guys outside of Tokyo are thinking, “WTF OF COURSE IT IS! GET OUT!” right? Well, for us, our HOUSES and families and kids and jobs are ALL here, so we can’t just pick up and leave. If it’s very insignificant levels, we’re not going to run. Many foreigners aren’t so firmly rooted, so maybe that’s why all foreign friends I know are freaked out and leaving. Or maybe Japanese are too trusting…

As doom and gloom as I normally am, I just can’t wrap my head around the idea of a full on meltdown and the havok it will cause. So instead I’m just going to Diego Sanchez some positive feelings into reality and hold onto the idea that the situation will be brought under control and everything will be all right. Yes! Yes! Yes!

(PS: For more Roxy news and info, she was on Sportsgeeks radio yesterday)

  • 2wrongs says:

    I just talked to a relative of mine who worked on designing of Canada’s Heavy Water Reactor, CANDU.

    He thinks things are pretty grim. He thinks that the reason that the decay heat isn’t decreasing that fast is because the control rods didn’t go all the way in and so the pile is still working at some percentage. He suspects that the earthquake bent the pile which prevented the control rods from moving from where they were at the time of the earthquake or prevented them from going further than where the bend is. He is speculating but I think it has the ring of truth to it.

    He bases this on a similar problem that they had with a small research reactor where the pile bent and they couldn’t move the control rod. Fortunately, in HW reactors you can shut everything down by REMOVING most of the water.

    He spent a lot of time telling me that this situation couldn’t happen, by design, in a CANDU and that he views LW to be poorly designed and based on the premise that you are always building bombs.

    But then again, he is a smug Canadian.

  • Jim says:

    This chaps doing running commentary on it

    Seems to know what he’s talking about.


    I think the japs will be fine. Plenty of dumb people pay good money to get radiated.

  • Jim says:

    This chaps doing running commentary on it

    Seems to know what he’s talking about.


    I think the japs will be fine. Plenty of dumb people pay good money to get radiated.

  • CAP says:

    Stay safe Roxy. What a mess they got over there.

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    What Cap said, please stay safe and healthy out there, mma is dangerous enough without getting turned into a marvel super hero

  • agentsmith says:

    Check this shit out:

    Paul Carroll, a programme director at Ploughshares, an international nuclear security foundation, told Al Jazeera that the engineers at the plant are doing heroic work.

    “In order to be adequately protected from the radiation they would need to have essentially leaded shielding. If that is what they are equipped with, it would make it extremely difficult for them to actually move around.

    “I suspect that these are almost – I hate to say it – suicide missions. These workers have signed up for a mission that puts themselves behind their countrymen,” Carroll said. 

    Imad Khadduri, a nuclear scientist based in Qatar, told Al Jazeera that Japanese authorities are “thinking of bringing in retired workers to the plant because they have a short lifetime left”. 

    “People who are exposed to such high levels of radiation can only do that for a certain period before developing radiation sickness and will have to be replaced,” Khadduri added.

    That’s right, they’re thinking of using retirees as “kamikaze” workers.  This might be funny if it wasn’t so grim.

  • CAP says:

    Everyone seems to refer to them as “Suicide Fighters”. It feels almost like these guys at the plant are going samurai style and falling on their sword for the sake of Japan. It is heroic. I just hope it works.

  • frickshun says:

    The word “kamikaze” makes me smile.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    makes sense to me

  • Grappo says:

    I think the japs will be fine. Plenty of dumb people pay good money to get radiated.



    Anyway, glad to see Roxy is ok.  Most of my family in Japan lives in and around Nagoya.

  • P W says:

    I just wonder how the expats who are irrationally fleeing Tokyo will be able to look their Japanese neighbors in the eyes when they get back: “Oh, you’re done fixing and tiding up now? Then let me have my to well-paid job and nice apartment back please. Man, I think gained a pound or two during that sudden all-expenses-paid-by-my-company vacation. That’s the real disaster here! Hahaha! You’ve seemed to have slimmed down though… oh, only a rice ball and a banana a day, you say? Seriously though, thanks for staying put and thereby facilitating my escape. We all know the total chaos that would ensue if everybody tried to leave like I just did! Oh, and one more thing, thanks for not looting and killing and all that nasty stuff, because God knows that’s what we would do in the same situation!”