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Roxy Update + Team Modafferi shirts back on sale

I’m happy to announce that Team Modafferi shirts are now back up for sale! These shirts are professionally made screen printed beauties, not that shit you get from CafePress or Zazzle that falls apart the first time you wash it or when everyone mobs you for wearing such a kickass shirt. The best part of the shirt, though? All profits go to Roxy herself! We don’t keep one red cent past the costs of printing and shipping. So for everyone who wanted to know how they can support Roxy as she’s about to enter the Strikeforce cage this Saturday against Marloes Coenen – here’s a good way!

Color and Size

As for updates, Roxy is IN CHICAGO right now and had breakfast with Esther from All Elbows the other day. I’m hoping to join them on Saturday but Strikeforce has outsourced their press credentials for this event to some big scary marketing company so who knows what’s gonna happen there. I’m trying though. Fingers crossed. News wise, here’s an interview the Fight Nerd did with Roxy:

Fight Nerd: You recently left your old gym and joined up a new gym, tell us about the departure and what brought you to your new gym, and how is the training now?

Roxanne: I needed a change. My old gym is great, but I felt like I reached a plateau. Now I have a great personal trainer, former Pancrace champ. Kiuma Kunioku, and I visit a few other dojos. Training now is the best in my entire life right now.

Fight Nerd: Is jumping to a new gym going to affect this fight, especially considering the last minute nature of it?

Roxanne: Yes, it’s a positive thing.

Fight Nerd: Without giving away too much, what is the game plan for Coenen?

Roxanne: My plan is this: punch her. In the face. And try out my new special move: su-pa-tobi-hiza-bakku-fisuto

And as usual Roxy has been updating her Myspace blog with all sorts of stuff:

So I met Marloes yesterday and I got her autograph. She was like, “I can’t believe we’re gonna fight and you’re asking me to sign your magazine!”

Then I saw Fedor in Sports Authority with his Russian Posse (scary guys with long beards! XD) and introduced myself and shook his hand and got his autograph! Then we ran into each other again at the doctor’s and he kind of winked at me as I was leaving. XD XD I was gonna ask him “How do I REALLY pronounce your name?” but I was nervous and forgot. ^^;;; I must have seemed like SUCH a fan girl…

I am so so so so pumped to be here. I’m not even nervous or thinking about the fight, because when I think about fighting, I get so excited I just wanna jump out of my skin or puke or something. ^^;; So I’m actually trying to think of other things…

And check out &feature=player_embedded” target=”_blank”> this video blog (Fightlinker shirt representin’) where Roxy geeks out on her sweet video game haul. You can see what she’s talking about when she says she’s pumped. Have you ever seen someone with a bigger smile on their face?