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Roxy talks about her Jewels fight

We’ve got some more stuff for you from this past weekend’s Jewels fight between Roxanne Modafferi and Takayo Hashi. Here’s a bunch of pictures from Sportsnavi and here’s a blog from Roxanne talking about her defeat, entitled “I met my goals but lost the fight.” I’ve cut it down to a few paragraphs here so make sure to go read the whole thing!

Takayo Hashi is a fantastic fighter. It was an honor to fight her, and I’m grateful to Jewels for putting the fight together. When I’m at 100%, we both tended to stalemate in sparring sessions in practice, when we used to train together.

That’s why I’m especially disappointed that I lost against her, and I’m upset at the circumstances surrounding this fight.

I KNOW I could have won. But it wasn’t my night. I tried hard not to go to the ground, but when Hashi got me there, she dominated me all over the place on the ground. She’s really good on the ground. She earned her win. I should have done better. I should learn more reversals. I need to get physically stronger.

So she won the decision. I couldn’t implement my ground game on her. She was the better woman last night. She trained hard for it. We both suffered for it in our own ways.

I recognize my achievements, my failures. I wish …well, no good wishing for things I can’t have. I’m staying in Japan, I don’t know what team to join- there’s no ideal ONE team-, I don’t have a full-time coach. There’s no such thing as an easy fight. That’s why it’s called a ‘fight’ and not a piece of cake. Which I am totally going to have after lunch today.

I’m still searching for the right answer. But this won’t be the last time I fight. Because I had this breakthrough- one step closer to becoming the pro fighter I want to be. If I hadn’t…I dunno. But I just want to get stronger. I accomplished my goal that I’d posted earlier on twitter: I met my challenges head on with my eyes looking forward and my head high, and struggled with all the strength my body would allow me.

I was absolutely terrified. But I did it anyway.

“Always do what you are afraid to do.”

Her full blog is here.