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Roxy reaffirms why I love MMA

There are three primary ways to build heat for a fight:
1) Focus the attention on yourself by being brash (or, if you’re Gina, eye-fucking the fans through the camera that is consistently posted near you every time you’re in the crowd)
2) Focus the attention on your opponent with disrespect, accusations of racism/homosexuality and innuendo
3) Be happy with what you are doing with your life, thrilled that you get to do it and grateful that others give you the opportunity to do so by striving for the same goals against you

Seeing as how I’m not a fan boy of any particular fighter, delusional or pathetic enough to fantasize about Gina Carano, or interested in anything other than seeing good, quality fights, I’m going with number three. Kaufman may have to wait until this awesome rubber match happens.

  • Alireza says:

    Amen Brotha!! this people need to get off seonnn’s nuts lol the guy lost point blank its over with now they are going to fight for the second time all i know is that seonnn has angered one pissed off brazilian Anderson Silva and I can’t wait until 110% Silva unleashes god’s wrath upon seonnn. be careful of what u wish for that goes for seonnn and if he loses we won’t have to see him again in the ufc oh man Christmas has come early!