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Roxy post-fight update

Let’s get this post started with some of Esther’s official pics from Friday’s Strikeforce event:

The slam. The goddamn slam.

I imagine the worst part is coming to and realizing you’ve lost. This pic makes me a sad panda.

In addition to Esther’s pics above, Sherdog also included some snaps from the fight in their Photos of the Week post.

There’s also a pic in there that shows what happens when your body zigs, your leg zags, and then your kneecap collapses like a black hole.

Then we got some Facebook pictures:

Hey look! It’s our favorite MMA ladies! Roxy and Esther chilling out pre-event.

Speaking of Facebook, Roxy put up this message up on her profile:

I lost and it sucked. It helped that I really like Sarah as a person.

The worst thing is feeling that she was better than me. Much physically stronger and a crisp striker, right? I hope for a rematch one day, but I have to improve my skills.

Yes, I cried….one time. That time was when I got out of the shuttle bus at the hotel and was suddenly surrounded by a crowd of people, congratulating me and shaking my hand and telling me how well I did.

They were Sarah’s Zuma people. They were so nice to me! I know they were happy because their girl beat me….but they were so nice and telling me that I had a nice fight even though they were rooting against me…and just…I cried. I was so touched.

Thank you. Thank you everybody who supported me, and us, and…I won’t be like “I let you down” because I know I’m not going to lose any fans oevr this. I wish I had come out the victor, but you know. Stuff happens….like getting DROPPED ON YOUR HEAD……………

yeah. I had a lot of fun on this trip. I met a lot of people.

But I still love MMA.

She also has another blog over at her Myspace page, with a crapload of pictures from her trip.

I had a great time at Strikeforce in my title fight against Sarah Kaufman. Except for the end. LOL That was a pretty cool slam, though…too bad I was on the receiving end. @[email protected];; My head doesn’t hurt now… just kind of sluggish, but it could be jet-lag and lack of sleep as well.

I learned a lot from that fight, technique wise. She used her head really really well, for example.

I want to thank everyone of you guys and gals who are fans for being nice to me and supporting me. And to the writers and photographers and media for working hard to cover the events, and to promoters and sponsors for running their businesses and making this sport work. It takes everyone to keep the sport of MMA going and growing.

And thank you to Sarah. You’re a good champion and a great representative for the sport, not to mention for the women’s side of the sport, too. (That was cool how you ducked under my spinning back-fist…LOL)

More pictures after the jump.