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Roxy play by play

Roxanne Modafferi (left) vs. Vanessa Porto
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Sherdog’s got all the deets on fellow jackal Roxanne Modafferi’s title defense last night at Fatal Femmes Fighting:

After nearly a year layoff, Tokyo-based American fighter Roxanne Modafferi (Pictures) returned to action to defend her FFF lightweight title against Brazilian Vanessa Porto (Pictures). She did not skip a beat in finishing her game challenger with 53 seconds expired in the third round.

Despite admittedly being worried about how well her cardio would hold up, Modafferi came out and took the fight to the tough Brazilian from the outset, scoring with punches and kicks. Porto would not back down and managed to take Modafferi to the floor.

Modafferi remained on offense from her back and nearly secured an armbar before Porto escaped and took back-control. The FFF champ kept working, however, and was able to twist into Porto’s guard, where she landed punches until the round ended.

In the second Modafferi picked up the pace and attacked with sharp punch and kick combinations that backed Porto to the fence. Porto immediately shot and grabbed hold of Modafferi’s leg before taking her down with a hard slam. Porto proceeded to land strikes from side-mount until Modafferi kicked her legs over Porto’s head and locked up a triangle choke, which she then attempted to turn into an armbar. Neither was working but it did help Modafferi win the round.

Again Modafferi came out swinging to start the third round. Modafferi immediately went for a Thai clinch and after some well-placed elbows, she began unloading knees to Porto’s head, which froze her in a defensive posture until referee Herb Dean (Pictures) stepped in and stopped the fight.

“I wasn’t perfect, but I wanted to show what I learned in striking,” said Modafferi afterwards.

  • FRANKIE says:

    WAR ROXY! That’s some good shit there. When do we get to see it?

  • Mike_N says:

    Roxy “The Spider” Modafferi? Death by plum clinch is an awesome way to end a fight. Great work!

  • Jemaleddin says:

    That’s hot. Any girl who can work the plum is okay by me. If only I was good enough for her…Sigh.

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    Did she bust out the FL shirt?

  • koolpaw says:

    “Did she bust out the FL shirt?”

    ive heard that she has refused t-shirt from FL.

    That shirt might be that [email protected] PONYLINKER shirt.

  • nah we have to send her a shirt and a patch (which we will be doing shortly)

  • shanaconda says:

    Dude! finally watched the previous fatal femmes show, Cassandra Blasso totally won that fight. WTF? 49-46, I’m a huge FeMMA fan as my partner trains but Roxanne didn’t really look that great. LaRosa would kill her…. dead. Maybe a good fight against Kedzie, I don’t know.. I was totally disappointed after all your hype.

  • I agree, the Blasso fight was Roxy’s worst performance by far in my opinion. She won that fight on account of position, which was lucky for her. But don’t judge her on that fight, check out her youtube fights, the Jennifer Howe fights or the kGrace fights. Can’t wait to see the most recent FFF fight, it was apparently an awesome bout, much more representative of what Roxy’s all about