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Roxy makes weight, is a strong feeling

Because Japan is 14 hours ahead of us civilized east coast folk, the fight between Roxanne Modafferi and Takayo Hashi on ‘Saturday night’ will actually take place in the wee early hours of Saturday morning. The weigh-ins have already taken place, and kakutoh-blog has all the pictures. From their entry on Roxy and Hashi via Google Translate:

Since the first time in two years “Juerusu is in the first participation in a war, even to the game I’m glad terribly. In Japan, because you can play in Japan finally, I am happy too. Nde strong sense away with it overseas Yappari, calm comes from Japan but do not have a relationship strength is it is unknown. do not know. Roxanne is a strong feeling very, it is the players aggressive. but sometimes I practiced a few times, and I can be the game, since there are only a handful, there the game is there pound you want to fight cut percentage and games. of special rules, do you want to be when you can type not stick to the pound is struck, f*ckable at that time. tomorrow aiming to KO and win this one I want to end the game early. “

Yeah, Google probably needs to work a little bit on that. Damnit, if only our usual Japanese translator wasn’t busy preparing to kick some ass. Funny enough, the text above makes a whole lot more sense when it’s read out loud to you:

All of a sudden there are a whole bunch of things that sound really wise. Calm comes from Japan. Roxanne is a strong feeling! She practiced a few times and CAN be the game.

  • agentsmith says:

    Engrish is funny.

  • AJBuwalda says:

    She looks like the girl I used to play Magic with at High School, except for the fact that she can beat my ass. I think I found a new favorite in Women’s MMA. The power of nerd compelled me 😀

    Good to see more geeky people get into MMA… I want a Wizards of the Coast sponsorship for this girl! WofC, make it happen!